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Elba doors are designed and engineered for Toronto

Toronto is one of the most diverse cities in the world – and Elba Windows and Doors can manufacture a door to enhance almost every taste.

  • Because of the enormous climate changes Toronto experiences – extreme humidity, extreme dryness, freezing cold, and blistering heat – does your wood door warp? Split? Shrink in the winter and allow the cold and snow in? Swell and expand in the summer and need a hip-check to open? Look at our line of made-in-Canada fiberglass doors. Oak, cherry, fir, mahogany – all the beauty of wood doors that you dream of without the worries of wood. Hand stained professional finish to enrich the senses.
  • Insulated steel doors designed for Toronto – triple-glazed tempered glass, wrought iron, clear or private glass in a factory painted door, installed into a maintenance free jamb. Designed to keep the weather out and the warmth in.
  • Security is important. Elba’s multipoint locks, patented and made in Great Britain, keeps your home secure, while adding to the beauty of the door.
  • Custom sizing, custom designing, we aim to meet all your expectations without compromise.
  • Sliding doors on monorail tracking means easy rolling, easy cleaning, full warmth.
  • Garden doors for added appeal. Internal blinds, bevelled glass, wrought iron, or clear, we cover all of Toronto’s needs.
  • Many homes in the Greater Toronto Area with standard height doors and a small transom glass above may be greatly enriched by Elba Windows and Doors with 8 foot high doors that transform the doorway to an awe-inspiring entrance.
  • The combination of our manufactured entrance systems with our professional installation will assure you beauty, quality, endurance, and weatherproof performance
  • Help Toronto lower greenhouse gas emissions by replacing your drafty inefficient doors with insulated tight-weatherstripped Elba entrances. Using less energy per home to heat or air condition will greatly help Canada in its efforts to reduce global warming./li>
  • Especially in Toronto’s housing resale market, the upgrading of your front entrance will greatly increase the all-important first impression, and enhance your home’s curb appeal. The return on investment here cannot be overlooked, and is almost a necessity for high resale value.

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